Milma or KCMMF (Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation)

Milma or KCMMF (Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation) was established in April 1980. With its Head Quarters at Thiruvananthapuram, KCMMF successfully implements the Operation Flood. It channelises marketable surplus milk from rural areas to urban deficit areas. It assures maximum returns to the producer and quality milk products to the consumers. And thus provides constant market and stable price to the dairy farmers for their produce. KCMMF is associating with National Dairy Development Board, Amul, Government of Kerala and the KLD Board. The KCMMF manages the brand ‘milma’ and allows the Regional Unions market their products in this brand name. Consumer pricing, Lean/flush season management, bulk trading, promotion etc are some of the marketing functions. The bulk purchases of dairy consumables and raw materials for Cattle Feed plants come under KCMMF. It gives technical and legal assistance to primary societies, maintains quality of products, and attends to complaints. Recommending remuneration to employees of the co operative societies, liaison with Govt. and Financial institutions, etc are some of the financial functions.  

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