Kerala State Poultry Development Corporation

Kerala State Poultry Development Corporation

The Corporation is engaged in the following programmes / projects / activities, to achieve the above set objectives:

1. Broiler Breeding Farm and Hatchery:

This project is established at Kudappanakunnu in Trivandrum district . The capacity of the project is to rear 25000 broilers parents at lay and to produce 56 lakhs chicks annually. The Broiler Breeding Farm and Hatchery is managed by well qualified and trained team of professional in the field. Latest scientific technology is adopted at all stages of production of day old broiler commercial chicks.

2. Layer Breeding Farm and Hatchery:

This project is established at Kottiyam in Kollam District. The capacity of the project is to rear Layer parents sufficient to produce 10 lakhs good quality day old commercial layer chicks. The Layer Breeding Farm and Hatchery is managed by well qualified and trained team of professionals in the field.

3. Poultry Dressing and Processing Plant:

The Corporation is in the process of establishing a Poultry Dressing and Processing Plant with a capacity to process 1000 birds per shift of 8 hrs with two shift operations. Latest, Semi Automatic Machineries are being installed at the Plant so as to produce hygienically dressed, processed and packed poultry meat. The meat shall be made available both in full chicken and in cut up parts, depending on the requirement of customers.

4. Step Scheme:

The Corporation is implementing a Government of India sponsored scheme under Support to Training and Employment Programme (STEP) for women living below poverty line at Malappuram district. Under this scheme, 1000 women beneficiaries are provided with necessary technical and financial assistance for establishing individual poultry production units of their own.

5. Integration through Organized Societies

The Corporation is in the process of organizing the poultry farmers of the state of Kerala under a three tier society system so as to protect their interests.

Products Available With the Corporation
  1. Hatching Eggs Eggs from healthy parent stock maintained on balanced nutrition under ambient temperature. Properly collected selected & stored as per the standards prescribed. Packing – cartons containing 210 eggs / cartons Price – Prevailing in the market Eggs of uniform colour, shape and size Clean shelled eggs High fertility Free of Salmonella organisms Experimentally proved for its quality
  2. Commercial Broiler Chicks Good quality chicks parent stock, free of diseases of vertical nature and professionally managed under ambient temperature. Good disease resistance. Acclimatized to any adverse climatic condition. Attains the desired body weight faster. Consumes less feed and gives more weight. Yields good dressing percentage. Less percentage of mortality. Packing cartons containing 51 chicks/cartons Price -Prevailing in the market.
  3. Table Eggs (White & Brown) Good quality, clean shelled eggs, Hygienically packed and stored Properly graded for its size and shape, Paking cartons containing 210 eggs / carton Price – Prevailing in the market.
  4. Poultry Manure Digested faecal wastes of poultry, Contains more than 50% organic substances hygienically packed sealed, Available in convenient packs, Packing as per specifications, Price- Prevailing in the market
  5. Dressed: Full chicken or parts depending on requirements.
  6. Quails / Ducks: Products as per requirements
  7. Turkey /Quails: Products as per specification, packing as per the buyer specification or at international standards, Price – as prevailing in the market


Kerala State Poultry Development Corporation LTD. Pettah (PO), Trivandrum

Farm: Kudappanakunnu, Trivandrum,

Tele: 0471 2431568 /   2374636 



Managing Director 0471 2540916
Finance Manager 0471 2540347
Senior Manager (Technical) 0471 2431568
Hatchery Manager 0471 2431568
Marketing Department 0471 2540347