KOMPAS നെ കുറിച്ച്
KOMPAS is the e-Governance initiative of the Department of Mining and Geology for bringing efficiency and transparency to mineral administration in the State. KOMPAS ensures citizen centric, cost effective, and quality electronic service delivery pertaining to mines and minerals in the State. In the initial phase of implementation of KOMPAS, stakeholders can avail following services:
1. Submission of online application for mineral movement permits
2. e-payment of application fee, royalty and other payments
3. Online tracking of status of processing of applications
4. Online generation of e-Pass
5. Online filing of returns.
6. Dashboard for stakeholders including Lease / Permit holders.
The KOMPAS ensures transparency, by providing statistics of mineral concessions in the State, particulars of mineral concessions and documents submitted for availing concessions, locations of working mines, quarries, crushers and dealers, information on mineral availability, to public. KOMPAS also provides information pertaining to genuineness of e-Pass, permits/licenses to other regulatory agencies like Police, Land Revenue authorities of the State. A Google map based service provides location-specific information about the mining entities, quarries, and related information to public and other stakeholders.